Penis Enlargement Surgery

So, I understand you’re here to talk about penis enlargement surgery. Do you know how long your penis is flaccid now? About three inches. It’s about three inches, yeah, OK. So that is a bit on the small side, isn’t it? Yeah. When you have the lengthening surgery, it can have the impact of making the erection slightly lower. You probably won’t notice it much looking down at the penis, but the angle of the erection can be slightly lower.

When the lengthening surgery has settled down, we start you on a penis extender. And as you can see these little adjustments they actually put more or less tension on the penis. If you use this consistently after the surgery for up to another months, you can get a bit of extra length, maybe another inch, on top of the length that you’ve got with the surgery.

Guys find it very hard to admit to something they probably already know, that their penis is not the size it should be.

To increase the width and girth of a penis costs almost 7000 pounds.

Surgeons are surgeons, you know. They’re not magicians. So, a guy comes in, and he’s got a two-inch flaccid penis, and he wants something that, you know, is eight inches then he’s asking for a magician. They will start telling you actually why they want the procedure done. And obviously, some ladies use vibrators so sometimes when they use a vibrator, the gentleman then… If the vibrator’s bigger than the gentleman, then the gentleman doesn’t satisfy the woman. So that is another reason. I think it’s all about self-confidence because many men did it for themselves and not for their wives.

For the girth, at the moment, the technique we’re using is taking some fat tissue from wherever it’s available. We process this fat, and we inject it on the top and the side, never underneath, where you have all the nerve endings. And that will increase the girth at about one inch and a half. A lot of men, a lot of patients think that the length is really important for the sex life. I had to actually tell them that the girth is more important.


Men, nowadays, I think it’s changed so much, and men like to look just as good as women. Some men have got a perfectly normal-sized penis, but they’ve got it into their head that they need it bigger, and it’s not as big as it should be. I think a lot of it is, if they’ve seen porn movies, they’ll see how big them gentlemen are, and they’ll compare sizes that way.

I mean, a large penis is perceived as a sign of manliness. And more and more men are having surgery and are prepared to have surgery. And I think this generation, the generation, you know, the 25 -year-olds, the 30-year-olds that are having cosmetic surgery, their parents have had surgery, so there’s much more of acceptance, an acceptance about cosmetic surgery.

With the lengthening procedure, the surgeon makes an incision in the pubic area. It’s like an inverted Y, a Y upside down. There’s a cut there and a small cut just to either side of the penis. He gets down to a ligament called a suspensory ligament, and when that’s cut, this releases the extra length. Typically, it’s about an extra four to five centimeters. That’s called the suspensory ligament of the penis.

Now, for the surgical options, there is no sexual activity for six weeks, so it’s quite important that you go by that.