Cycling and Male Fertility

There been some concern that cycling may affect fertility. Well, there is a couple of parts to it, and a lot of it is a relief in good news, and there is one part that popped up to raise some eyebrows in some concern. But the good part of it is that we’ve been concerned about whether cycling and the pressure in that area where the seat is at bicycle will affect a man’s fertility and potentially the sexual function. And this study is ruled that out, it is shown that there is no difference in men that cycle for long periods of time versus that counterpart that don’t, for fertility and reproductive health. Decide on that study was that they notice that the men that were cycling at longer times, over eight hours per week, more being found to have a higher incidence of finding prostate cancer.

So the question came up “is cycling inducing or causing prostate cancer?”. Most of us don’t believe that that’s the case. The way we detect prostate cancer is a protein that’s released from prostate cells into the bloodstream called a PSA. There’s a lot of things that can make that rise in the blood stream, but that’s when we raise an eyebrow to see if we need to detect prostate cancer or not. So the question is it a cause and effect which that study is certainly not a cause and effect study. And it’s probably more the pressure being put in that area is increasing PSA’s and those men are getting detected and being tested a biopsy more than the men whose PSA are not rising as much because they’re not getting that pressure.

In fact, there’s another study year ago where they looked at men, this is an Australian study, and they took guys, and they did a blood test to checked their PSA. They want them to cycle anywhere 55 from to 160 kilometers, and they rechecked their PSA and their PSA’s rose by an average of 10 percent. So it is more that we’re detecting more the guys that may have cancer there already that is actually causing it so I would encourage people to stay on the bikes.

Another medical test has been associated with amount f sperm produced by men, who love cycling regularly. 150 of 240 guys have reported that their amount of sperm has been decreased for the last 2-4 years because of cycling. It’s a big problem that you can solve easily by taking sperm volume pills mentioned in this article

Obviously being in Austin, one of the cycling capitals on the planet, you know, this is a great way for guys to stay fit. Cycling has a lot of health benefits: improving cholesterol, blood sugar, keeping good body muscle, minimizing body fat. All these things are important for overall health and yes it may actually help detection if that test is done within a certain timeframe after long periods of cycling. So certainly again I don’t think there’s any strong indication based on the state that guys need to get off the bike for any concern. If anything it’s encouraging that it’s not having a bad effect on fertility reproductive health which we’ve always wondered about. So that’s nice reassurance.