Treatments For Erectile Dysfunction

Those folks who have a serious problem, penis enlargement pills can’t get enough medication to the area where we need it(view Why? Because when you take a pill, it goes through your intestinal tract, circulates through your entire system, it goes to your heart, your lungs, your brain, and these medications will have some reactivity in those areas if they’re at very high dosage. But on the other hand, you can take medication that’s similar. Put it in a syringe with a very fine needle injected directly into the anatomical structure of the erectile body in the penis. And when you do this, you can overload that reaction, and you can produce a quite good erection. And somebody, for instance, who’s had, let’s say a major cancer operation, where a lot of the nervous tissue has been destroyed, you can still get this reaction in the erectile tissue of the penis, and that’s known as injection therapy.

When Viagra came along, it’s kind of an interesting story. It really started out as a heart medication for people had chest pain. But when Pfizer – the company that developed this – put this out for trial, what they found was: yes it worked for chest pain, but when they want to collect their samples of the medication that were on trial, they could not get their medication back. Why? Well, the patients had found out this medication did something that really wasn’t all related to chest pain. What it did was it inhibited five phosphodiesterases and those folks who had erection problems, although they thought they were treating their heart when they started, were really treating the erection problem. And the company then realized that they were really onto something.

But what happens when this doesn’t work? Well, there are surgical options. And today’s marketplace and health minimally invasive is a very important word; it means that we don’t disturb the body much. Well, penile implantation is quite doable through minimally invasive techniques. And what’s more, it’s been done for a very long time; it’s been present since the very late 1970s, and today there’s probably more than 300,000 implants in place. And the part that you really need to know is most of those patients have very good success with this as a treatment option. And it’s an inflatable device; it has a reservoir, and a pump, and cylinders. The cylinders are placed in the erectile bodies and the patient through manipulation of the pump can control the erection and make the penis soft at his choice.

There have been over 300,000 devices implanted. This is been going on since the early 1980s, and most of the patients feel quite satisfied with the way this product works for their particular problem. The cylinders are made of plastic; the fluid is sailing. So when it’s pump ed through the system, if there is a break in the tubing it’s just sailing which is compatible with body fluids, and there really is minimal risk.